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Image by Cynthia Magana

Meet The Team

Our Story

Redding Rugby Football Club began as a small collection of young men meeting weekly to learn the sport of Rugby Union. Coached by our founder: Jake Fitzgerald, the boys quickly fell in love with the game. The weekly sessions grew into large touch rugby sessions, coupled with skills practice and tackling drills. By July 2023, consistent player turnout and general excitement about the potential of the club prompted leadership to enter the club in the High School Boys Rugby competition under the governing: RugbyNorcal. This year is set to be a phenomenal inaugural year for the club, not only in success on the field but also in providing a community off the field. Redding is home to a tight knit group of passionate people; at Redding RFC we believe rugby will capture the hearts of our city and provide a sport that unites and engages our community. We are excited for what the future holds, and always moving forward. Whether players, coaches, or supporters, we are eager to provide the best possible rugby experience to this city. Thank you for your support!

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